Lute and Early Music

I have a love of classical musical, especially from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, what is commonly referred to as "Early Music". Growing up, I played the classical guitar but more recently have been playing the lute family of instruments: baroque lute, renaissance lute, vihuela, renaissance guitar, baroque guitar and gittern. In July 2011 I released my first CD entitled Lautenschmaus and in May 2014, released by second CD, Patrons of the Lute .  In May 2016 I released my third CD, Weiss Undercover

Finally in February 2020 I released my fourth CD, Fair and Princely Branches


Lautenschmaus CD: "...the result is a commendable album of many newly-heard works and excellent solid performances throughout which will delight the listener" - Review in Lute Society of America Quarterly, Volume XLVI Winter 2011

Concert performance: "a world premiere (of) Ronn McFarlane's Passacaglia, whose doleful beauty lutenist Shoskes shaped with graceful sensitivity" - Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer May 12, 2013

Patrons of the Lute: “Lovely playing and a thoughtful program full of discoveries. Two thumbs up” - Jeffrey Strauss and Rene Schiffer, Apollo’s Fire review January 2015

"The final piece of this CD is a recently-composed modern piece—Passacaglia by Ronn McFarlane (b.1953)—that I think really warrants a special mention. It is quite simply outstanding.” - The Lutezine supplement to The Lute News no 112, December 2014

Weiss Undercover: Article in The Chagrin Valley Times, October 2016


World premiere of Passacaglia by Ronn McFarlane

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Fair and Princely Branches: Renaissance Music for the Jacobean Princes

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